Dallas Online Marketing Expert Simplifies Explanation on How SEO Works

For many, especially those who are not familiar on how the web works, search engine optimization is a very far-fetched topic and is only relegated to people who are tech savvy and into online marketing. As a SEO practitioner for over a decade, I make it my responsibility to explain how optimizing websites for search engines work to every prospect client in the simplest way possible. If you are someone who doesnt want to hear jargons and would just like to understand how SEO works in laymans terms, then you have to continue reading below.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process that involves a set of strategies to help a website be seen on top of search results (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and rank for a specific keywords. For example, if you are selling fondant cakes and you want to sell them to New Yorkers, then the best keyword that you can use so that you will be found by potential customers is Fondant Cakes New York or New York Fondant Cakes. SEO is designed to help searchers (potential customers) easily find your product or services on the web.

How SEO Works?

Search Engine Optimization is composed of two major strategies On-page Optimization (processes that needs to be done on your website so that it would be easily seen by search engines) and Off-page Optimization (processes that are done externally or on other webpages to help your website rank on top of the search results).

How On-page Optimization Works?

The very foundation of SEO is on how you enhances your website on the inside so that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can see it and rank it higher in search results. On-page optimization can be compared to rigging up your sports car. You need to make sure that every part of the machine is well maintained so that it can run fast and outrun your fellow racers. A website is like a sports car. You need on-page optimization to make it outrank your online competitors.

How Off-page Optimization Works?

Since getting the top spots in search results is quite important in SEO, off-page optimization must be paired off with on-page optimization to get desirable results. Off-page optimization can be compared to public relations companies to a politician. They need to create publicity using tried whiten skin photoshop and tested media channels to uplift the reputation of the politician to increase the likelihood that people would vote for him in the upcoming election. In this comparison, the public relation companies and what they do are the off-page optimization process and the politician is your website. The voters are your potential customers.

In off-page optimization, every link, mention, and feature from another online channels can be considered as votes telling search engines that your website is credible and should be rank higher than any other websites in the same niche.

Why SEO?

When 70% of searchers click the non-paid (organic) results every time they look for product or information online, then search engine optimization should be on top your internet marketing strategy priorities. 93% of those who use the internet start their online experience with a search engine. This figure alone should give you a hint how important SEO to help you put your website in front of your potential customers.

Not getting found on the internet nowadays is equivalent to brand suicide. Thus, you have the choice to remain invisible or reap more profits using SEO by attracting more paying customers.

By Dallas SEO Expert - Qamar Zaman


Meade HVAC wins Upper Merion Men's Softball League title - King Of Prussia Courier

The champion Meade HVAC squad included, from left: (kneeling) John Petraline, Wil Harmon, Bobby DeFelice, Billy Sutton, Jon Rudzinski, (standing) Dennis Rudzinsk, Ben Nunez, Jason Rompola, Matt Gambone, Dave Gambone, Ryan Tether, Dave Powell, Bobby Gulliford, Eric Powell utube.com/watch?v=9ffary2tj-U and Paul "Kimo" Traveline.


The Parts Of A Residential Heating and Cooling System

Think of a furnace as your lungs. What goes out of the unit must be brought back into the unit in order to function properly and increase the unit's lifespan. The air distributed into the home is referred to as "supply air". The supply air is forced by the blower (fan) through the heat exchanger and/or evaporator coil to be "conditioned". Then through the plenum it goes an into our main supply duct. (Trunk-lines, photo #3.)

The supply duct is sized based on the amount of air it must move. This trunk sizing will shrink as you move down the line since air will be fed out to individual "supply runs" (photo #5)along the way. Fittings called "transitions" (photo #4) are used to make this size adjustment; thus the name transition. (Transitioning from one size to another.) These fittings are also used on the "return air" side of the system as the same idea applies in reverse when bringing air back to the system. You see in photo #4 that transitions are not the only type of duct fitting. Various fittings are used to maneuver around obstacles or rise and lower to avoid beams and piping as well. The possibilities are endless but these basic terms and diagrams cover the majority of what you'd see in the field or average home.

NOTE: See the handle on the pipe in photo #5...this is the handle of a "damper". Dampers are used to close off air flow to specific areas of a home. If the handle is in line with the flow of air, it is open. If positioned sideways, it is closed. Sometimes dampers are used in the trunk-line as well to shut down whole portions of a home http://acprocold.com/ or to just balance the airflow better.

Once the air is pushed through the trunk-lines and into the supply runs, it will be released through the register "boot". These boots come in many various shapes and sizes depending on what is needed based on the room above in relation to the structure of the home. Though they very in size and shape, they fall into one of 3 main categories. Straight boots, ell boots and end boots.

Now that the conditioned air has reached its' destination and kept us cool or warm, it must head back to the furnace. Remember, it's like a lung...imagine breathing out all day without inhaling...not good. Though the fan is capable of inhaling and exhaling simultaneously, it must do both or it will "starve" for air and burn up long before its' time.

The air will leave the room via return air registers that draw the air back down the wall and into return air bays. These bays are simply the space created by the joists in the basement which are "panned off" (photo #7) to seal the air going back to the return air trunk. (photo #3)

NOTE: Sealing off return air is important. You don't want to draw unpleasant air from the basement, bathrooms, or kitchens throughout the entire house.

The last piece of our hvac technician jobs sacramento puzzle for now is the "flue" or chimney. In photo #8 I've provided an example of the flu piping used in a high efficiency system. This PVC piping is usually 2 -3 inches in diameter and typically vents out the side of the home. (Vertically through the roof is possible though.) This is the piping that will condensate and is to be installed pitched downward toward the furnace. (1/4" per foot is recommended.) In a lower efficiency system, steel piping is still used and usually vented into a masonry chimney and out through the roof. (Note: A chimney should be lined with a steel liner or at least clay tile. Flu gas is corrosive and will deteriorate the mortar over time.)


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